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Formatting via the Font dialog box
Use the Scale setting to stretch or compress the selected characters. You may want to do
this to make text fi fill a particular amount of space in the document to create balance or to
add emphasis or a modern appearance. The Spacing setting expands or condenses only the
spacing between characters. Scaling and spacing expansion are demonstrated on the text
shown in Figure 5.14. The bottom copy of the text was scaled to 150% and its Spacing set to
Expanded By 2.8 pt. (That means an additional 2.8 points of spacing was inserted between
each character.) In this example, the applied settings cause the bottom sample to span the
width of the page.
Scaling and horizontal spacing can give text with the same basic font settings very different
The Position setting raises or lowers the selected characters by a specifi ed number of
points. Unlike spacing, which can vary by as little as .1 points, position’s smallest gradation
is .5 points. This tool is sometimes used to adjust subscripts and superscripts if the built-in
versions don’t accomplish the desired effect or you need the subscripts and superscripts to
be the same size as the surrounding text.
Kerning is an advanced typography control that adjusts the space between certain letter
pairs when they appear together and are formatted in a proportional font (with varying
letter widths). For example, in the letter pair Wa, kerning removes a little bit of space so
that the a tucks in under the right side of the W, yielding a more attractive and readable
appearance. Overall, kerning visually balances out the spaces between various letter
combinations. Kerning is turned on by default for font sizes above 14 points, as the effects
of kerning are more obvious the larger the font size. You can turn kerning off by clearing
the Kerning for fonts check box on the Advanced tab of the Font dialog box, or you can
change the accompanying font size to determine when kerning takes effect.
If you have a chronic need to adjust subscripts and superscripts, you might consider creating a character style that
gives you the desired formatting.
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