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Text Effects and Typography
The Mini Toolbar’s singular but important claim to fame for many users will be its
ergonomic utility. When you need something on it, it’s right there, close to the text. Many
of its tools are easily accessible via direct keystrokes, as you’fill see in the next section in
this chapter.
Text Effects and Typography
Even though the Text Effects and Typography gallery is in the Font group of the Home tab
and it does apply character formatting, its settings are so many and varied that it warrants
separate discussion. You can use the tools found on this gallery to apply formatting that
makes regular text look like a WordArt object. (To learn how to create WordArt, see Chapter 9,
“Adding Tables and Graphics to a Document.”) As in the example shown in Figure 5.17,
you can use one of the choices at the top of the gallery to apply a WordArt-like overall
appearance to selected text.
The Text Effects and Typography gallery in the Font group of the Home tab enables you to
apply WordArt-like formatting and effects to regular text.
Choose an
overall look
for text
Click one of the
listed effects
to see a
Live Preview of
an effect, in this
case a glow
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