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Character formatting keyboard shortcuts
In addition, you can reopen the gallery and click any of the effects listed at the bottom
of the gallery to see a subgallery of specifi c effects choices, as in the example in
Figure 5.17. In most cases, the selected text will display a Live Preview of any effect you
move the mouse pointer over. The available effects are:
Outline: Displays a gallery where you can apply a theme or standard color for the
text outline, as well as Weight and Dashes choices you can use to alter the outline
Shadow: Make a choice from the Outer, Inner, or Perspective categories to add a
text shadow, or click the choice under No Shadow to remove any existing shadow.
Refl ection: Use a choice to add a text refl ection, which is a partial mirror image of
the text.
Glow: Click one of the Glow Variations choices (see Figure 5.17) to surround the
selected text with a colored glow.
Number styles: If your text includes numbers, select a formatting variation here.
The subgallery includes a description of each choice.
Ligatures: When the text includes letter pairs that can be optionally joined with a
ligature, make a choice here to determine whether Word applies some or all of the
ligature types. The subgallery includes a description of each choice.
Stylistic sets: Click a choice here to add interest to the letter appearance. For
example, one of the styles may size lowercase letters the same height as uppercase
without changing letter shape.
As with other types of document formatting, resist the temptation to apply too many effects to document text. Doing
so can reduce readability and even look a bit too gaudy.
Character formatting keyboard shortcuts
You can apply many of the character formatting settings discussed in this chapter via
built-in keyboard shortcuts. Longtime Word users typically have many of these shortcuts
committed to memory. Newcomers, however, might need a quick guide. As you navigate
your way through Word 2013, keep your eyes open. Quite often, Word will show you its
built-in key assignments. To make sure this happens, do the following:
In File Options General, set ScreenTip style to something other than Don’t show
In File Options Advanced, scroll down to the Display section, and enable the
Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips check box.
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