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Finding Paragraph Formatting Tools
The paragraph mark is also called a pilcrow or an alinea . Remember that if you show nonprinting characters and any
of them, such as the paragraph marks, do not appear, you can control their display in Word Options. Choose File
➪ Options ➪ Display, make sure that Paragraph marks and any other character types you want are checked under
Always show these formatting marks on the screen, and then click OK.
In Figure 6.1, all of numbered item 1 is a single paragraph. The character that you see after
“Train yourself, too.” is called a manual line break , which is the type of line return you
create when you press Shift+Enter. Because a manual line break does not create a paragraph
mark, text before and after a manual line break is within the same paragraph, as you see in
the numbered item in Figure 6.1. To Word, the only thing that distinguishes one paragraph
from another is the paragraph mark. A single sentence or short phrase with a paragraph
mark after it, as for a list of items, is considered to be a complete paragraph. Similarly, a
paragraph mark that contains no associated text at all is also considered to be a paragraph.
A paragraph is everything between two paragraph marks.
Manual line break
Paragraph mark
Many new Word users fi nd the display of nonprinting characters (such as paragraph marks,
manual line breaks, spaces, and tabs) distracting. However, displaying them can give you
essential clues about what’s going on in a document.
Sometimes it’s useful to use a manual line break within a paragraph while still keeping it
as a single paragraph. This most often is done within numbered or bulleted paragraphs,
as shown in Figure 6.1. That way any paragraph formatting you do to any part of the
paragraph is done to the entire paragraph (such as the main indentation and numbering).
If the paragraphs are numbered or bulleted, a manual line break prevents a new number
or bullet from being assigned while keeping all the text pertaining to that topic or item
together as a single paragraph.
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