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Paragraph formatting attributes
Why do I say that it displays the common formatting? That’s because the selected text
might not be formatted homogeneously. Say the selected sentence was “It was a dark and
stormy night.” Because some formatting (bold and italic in this case) might not be common
to the entire selection, you have to bear in mind that Reveal Formatting may not list all
the formatting applied in a given selection.
You can use the triangles beside the section names in the Reveal Formatting pane to
expand and collapse the formatting information. Clicking a black triangle collapses the
formatting details, whereas clicking a white triangle expands and reveals formatting
details. When you fi nish using the pane, click its Close (X) button to close it.
The Reveal Formatting command does not appear on the Ribbon. If you can’t remember the Shift+F1 shortcut for
displaying it, you can add a button for it to the Quick Access Toolbar. Right-click the QAT and choose Customize
Quick Access Toolbar. Select Commands Not in the Ribbon from the Choose commands from list. Click in the list and
tap the S key to accelerate to that part of the alphabet, and then press the Up Arrow key as needed to select Revel
Formatting. Click Add, and then OK.
Paragraph formatting attributes
You can apply paragraph formatting using a wide variety of paragraph attribute buttons
and tools. Many of those attribute controls, but not all, can be found in the Paragraph
group in the Home tab, shown in Figure 6.3. Indent and Spacing, both of which are
paragraph attributes, are located on the Paragraph group in the Page Layout tab, also
shown in Figure 6.3. A number of attributes missing from the Ribbon are on the horizontal
rulers: left and right indent, hanging and paragraph indent, and tab settings.
The Paragraph sections in the Home and Page Layout tabs contain a number of
paragraph-formatting controls.
Paragraph group on
Page Layout tab
Paragraph group
on Home tab
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