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Paragraph formatting techniques
Paragraph formatting techniques
You can use either of two techniques to apply paragraph formatting attributes. As
noted, you can simply place the insertion point in the paragraph you want and then choose
the attribute (using the Ribbon, a dialog box, a keystroke, the shortcut menu, or the Mini
The other technique is to select a range of paragraphs (up to and including the entire
document), and then apply the formatting. Note that even though shading and border
formatting can apply to a selection of characters/words, if the selection includes or spans
a paragraph mark, the formatting is applied to the entirety of all the paragraphs in the
selection, even those that aren’t fully selected.
Structuring Text with Paragraph Formatting
You can think of Word’s paragraph formatting choices as encompassing two approaches:
Structural formatting: Attributes that affect the overall structure of the text,
such as alignment, indentation, tabs, and so on
Decorative formatting: Attributes that add other elements to affect the interior
appearance of the text, such as shading, borders, numbering, and bullets
Used properly, both structural and decorative formatting can help the reader navigate the
document more easily or fi nd important information. This section deals with structural
formatting. The subsequent section covers decorative formatting.
Adding indentation
Indentation refers to adding extra space between one or more lines of a paragraph and
the left and/or right margins. You typically use indentation for automatically indenting
the fi rst line of paragraphs, indenting quotes relative to both the left and right page
margins, and setting up hanging indentation for bulleted or numbered text. Add or remove
indentation in preset half-inch increments by clicking the Decrease Indent or Increase
Indent button in the Paragraph group of the Home tab.
You can also add indentation using the Indent Left and Indent Right controls in the
Paragraph group of the Page Layout tab. For example, most report styles call for all lines in
quotations to be indented .5 inches from the left or right margins, but you may want to use
.75 inches instead. As shown in Figure 6.6, you can enter the desired indent settings for the
selected paragraph in the Indent Left and Indent Right text boxes.
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