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Paragraph formatting techniques
Set custom left and right paragraph indentation in the Paragraph group of the Page
Layout tab.
Right indent
shown on ruler
Left indent
shown on ruler
indent entries
Paragraphs indented
at left and right
Indenting with the Ruler
The horizontal Ruler provides a mouse-based way to create indents and is especially easy
for creating fi rst line and hanging indents. A fi rst line indent indents only the fi rst line of a
paragraph. A hanging indent indents all lines except the fi rst line, as for the numbered and
bulleted lists you see throughout this topic.
This method also enables you to see how the text will change as you drag, so that you can
judge as you go how much indentation to apply.
1. To display the ruler if needed, click the View tab and click Ruler in the Show
group. The Ruler check box controls the display of the ruler within the current
document only, so you may need to turn it on and off frequently.
2. Select the paragraphs to indent.
3. Drag the indent symbols on the ruler as needed to apply the desired
indentation. Refer to Figure 6.7 to see what each of these symbols looks like:
First Line Indent: Drag to the right to indent the fi rst line or to the left to
reduce or remove indentation.
Hanging Indent: Drag to the right to indicate the amount of indentation to
apply to all but the fi rst line of the paragraph.
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