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Changing text alignment
Custom and mirror indents
Many users still prefer to set indents in the Indentation section of the Indents and Spacing
tab of the Paragraph dialog box, shown in Figure 6.9. For example, clicking the up and
down arrow buttons for Left or Right increments those settings by .1 inch. You can choose
either First Line or Hanging from the Special list to immediately set up either of those
types of indents, or click the Mirror indents check box so that you can create indents to
accommodate book style printing. When Mirror indents is enabled, the Left and Right text
boxes become Inside and Outside, as shown in Figure 6.9.
Use the Paragraph dialog box to enter precise indent settings or add mirror indents.
Changing text alignment
Horizontal alignment determines how any given paragraph is oriented between the left
and right margins. The Paragraph group of the Home tab includes four alignment buttons.
Click a button or use its shortcut key to apply the specifi ed alignment to the selected
Align Left (Ctrl+L): Starts the left side of each line of text at the left margin,
leaving a ragged right paragraph edge.
Center (Ctrl+E): Centers each line in a paragraph between the left and right
margins, giving both sides of the paragraph a ragged appearance.
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