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Changing spacing
Changing line spacing within the second paragraph of the document.
4. Click the spacing to apply.
If you click Line Spacing Options in the menu in Figure 6.10, Word opens the Paragraph
dialog box, with its Indents and Spacing tab displayed. You can use the Line Spacing choice
there to apply Single, 1.5 lines, or Double spacing. You also can use the At least, Exactly,
or Multiple choices and make an entry in the At text box to set line spacing by smaller
increments such as the 1.08 default for Word 2013’s Normal paragraph style.
When you install Word 2013 for the i rst time on a system, the Normal style’s line spacing will be 1.08 and spacing
after will be 1.08 and 8 pt, as described above and below. However, if you upgrade a prior version of office, your
Normal paragraph style may use the default settings from the prior version, 1.15 and 10 pt, respectively. If this is not
what you want, you can edit the Normal style to match the new settings as described in “Modifying an existing style”
in Chapter 7. Another more drastic workaround would be to delete the Normal.dotm i le so that it will rebuild when
you start Word; however, use that technique with caution, because you would also lose any other style modii cations
or custom macros stored in the default template.
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