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Setting and using tabs
Before and after paragraphs
The Normal paragraph style also includes 8 pt of extra spacing after each paragraph.
You can add spacing both before and after paragraphs to set them apart and make your
document more readable. For example, the built-in Heading 1 style includes 12 pt of spacing
before the paragraph. This creates a larger gap between the preceding text and a heading,
visually cueing the reader that one major topic is ending and another beginning.
To adjust spacing before and after paragraphs:
1. Select the paragraphs to change.
2. Click the dialog box launcher in the Paragraph group of the Home tab. The
Paragraph dialog box opens with its Indents and Spacing tab selected.
3. Under Spacing, change the values in the Before and After text boxes as
desired. Clicking one of the up and down arrow buttons increments the setting by
6 pt. If that’s too large a change, drag over the entry of one of the text boxes and
type the desired size.
4. Click OK to apply the new spacing.
The Add Space After Paragraph command on the Line and Paragraph spacing menu adds 12 pt of space after the
selected paragraph. Remove Space Before Paragraph sets the space before the paragraph to 0 pt.
Setting and using tabs
Computer users increasingly have been using tables rather than tabs for aligning lists of
text within a document. Although both formatting methods can give similar results and
derive from the same root word, tabulation, tables give better control, more fl exibility, and
more formatting options than tabs. Still, there are many instances where using tabs on the
fl y provides a faster document formatting solution.
By default, a new document includes default preset tabs every 0.5 inch. When you set your
own tab, all the built-in preset tabs to the left of the one you set are removed, leaving the
manually inserted tab and all remaining preset tabs to the right.
Tabs versus tables
If you can use tabs, and you can use tables, when should you use which? There are times
when tabs give you precisely what you want, and in a way that a table either can’t or can’t
without your jumping through hoops. For example, if you want lines connecting two tabbed
items, while there are other ways to accomplish the same effect, it’s almost always faster
and easier to use tab leaders.
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