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Setting and using tabs
If you need to create an underscored area for a signature or other fi fill-in information on
a paper form, the solid tab leader line is defi nitely the way to go, even though you could
draw lines where you want them instead, using Insert
Line (holding down the
Shift key as you draw to keep the line perfectly horizontal, of course). However, graphical
lines have a way of not always staying where you put them, so you’fill usually fi nd that it’s
much more effi cient and predictable to just use a leader line, as described shortly under
“Working with tab leaders.”
Word includes a new feature for creating a formal document signature line rather than a basic i fill-in area. For more,
see “Adding a signature line” in Chapter 11.
Another situation in which tabs give you what you want is with simple document headers. The
default header for Word 2013 documents contains a center tab and a right tab. This enables you
to easily create a header with text to the left, centered text, and right-aligned text, simply by
separating those three components with tabs. Tabs also can be useful inside actual tables for
aligning numbers at the decimal point. (To insert a tab inside a table, press Ctrl+Tab.)
However, for more complex presentations of information, particularly when you might need
organizational control (copying and moving rows and columns), you’fill save time and work
by creating a table. Chapter 9, “Adding Tables and Graphics to a Document,” covers how you
can quickly build and format tables in a document.
Setting tabs in a dialog box
If you prefer the precision of typing in the tab measurements you want or if you need to
include a leader, use the Tabs dialog box shown in Figure 6.11 to create your tabs. With
the Tabs dialog box, you also can specify a tab alignment. Figure 6.12 shows examples
of the various alignments.
Use the Tabs dialog box to set and clear tabs, set the default tab stop interval, and set a tab leader.
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