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Setting Off Text with Paragraph Decoration
You also can click the Numbering or Bullets tool and just start typing a brand-new list.
When you’re done with your list, simply press Enter twice to stop the numbering or
bulleting. If you create additional indent levels in the list by pressing the Tab key, Word
automatically uses different and appropriate numbering or bullet schemes for each level.
If Automatic bulleted lists or Automatic numbered lists are enabled, then you don’t even need to click the Numbering
or Bullets tool. To begin a numbered list, simply type 1. (1 followed by a period) and press the Spacebar, and Word
automatically replaces what you typed with automatic number formatting. Other variations work, too, such as
1<Tab>. To begin a bulleted list, simply type * and press the Spacebar. When you want to end either kind of list,
press Enter twice.
You can change the number or bullet style by clicking the arrow for either the Numbering
or Bullets tool. As shown in Figure 6.16, when you move the mouse pointer over a new
bullet or numbering style, a Live Preview appears in the selected list. Click the desired
format in the gallery to apply it to the list.
Live Preview shows the new numbering or bullet style.
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