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Line and page break controls
3. Click the Line and Page Breaks tab.
4. Click to check (enable) or uncheck (disable) the desired options under
Widow/Orphan control: Prevents a solitary paragraph line from being
“stranded” on a page by itself without the rest of the paragraph. Widows precede
the main portion of the paragraph and thus appear alone at the bottom of a
page above the page break, whereas orphans follow the rest of the paragraph
and appear alone at the top of the page below the page break).
Keep with next: Forces a paragraph to appear with the paragraph that follows.
Use this setting to keep headings together with at least the fi rst few lines of
the fi rst paragraph under that heading. You can also enable this setting to keep
captions and pictures, fi gures, tables, and so on, on the same page.
Keep lines together: Prevents a paragraph from breaking across two pages.
Page break before: Forces an automatic page break before the paragraph. For
example, you could enable this check box to force each chapter to begin on a
new page.
5. Click to check (enable) or uncheck (disable) the desired options under
Formatting exceptions:
Suppress line numbers: Enable this check box to temporarily hide line numbers
that you’ve previously set up. Hiding the line numbers is faster than removing
and reapplying them.
Don’t hyphenate: Instructs Word not to perform hyphenation in the selected
paragraphs. This often is done by those trying to reproduce a quote and
maintain its integrity with respect to the words and position of the original
being quoted.
6. Click OK to close the dialog box.
What’s That Dot?
As you are working with various paragraph formatting choices you may notice a square dot appear at
times to the left of some paragraphs. The square dot appears to the left of a paragraph when any of
these attributes are assigned to that paragraph:
Keep with next
Keep lines together
Page break before
Suppress line numbers
The dot will not print, but provides a visual reminder that you have applied special line and page break
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