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Borders and boxes
Change opacity or apply a pattern to a shaded selection.
Borders and boxes
You can apply borders above and below or beside selected paragraphs for emphasis, or to set
off one or more paragraphs from the rest of the text by boxing it. The Borders gallery in the
Paragraph group of the Home tab offers several preset border types that you can preview
with Live Preview. For example, as shown in Figure 6.20, after you click the Borders
dropdown list arrow, pointing to Inside Borders displays lines between the paragraphs in the
selected numbered list. Click a preset in the menu to apply it. Using Live Preview helps in
this instance because the resulting box or border applied depends on how many paragraphs
you’ve selected and how they’re otherwise formatted.
Click the Borders and Shading command at the bottom of the drop-down list shown in
Figure 6.20 to open the Borders and Shading the dialog box with the Borders tab selected,
as shown in Figure 6.21. To use the dialog box to apply a border:
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