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Caveats for printing and viewing
1. Click the Border drop-down arrow in the Paragraph group of the Home tab, and
then click Borders and Shading.
2. Make a selection from the Style list.
3. Click the Color box and click the border color to use.
4. Open the Width drop-down and click a width.
5. Then, either click one of the presets under Setting to apply that style of box to
the selected paragraph (Figure 6.20 shows the Shadow style of box selected),
or click the four sides of the Preview box at right as needed to apply or remove
the border on the specifi ed side.
6. Make sure Paragraph is selected from the Apply To drop-down.
7. Click OK.
Additionally, you can adjust the distance between the border and paragraph text by
clicking Options in the lower-right corner of the dialog box. You can individually adjust the
distance for any of the four sides.
Note that the Border button in the Paragraph group of the Home tab changes to the last border preset that you
applied. This does not apply if the last option you picked was Borders and Shading.
Caveats for printing and viewing
With formatting tools that are so easy to use, it’s always tempting to think that more is
better. Sometimes more is just more. And sometimes more can create issues for readers of
your documents, whether they are printing them or viewing them on-screen. Before you
wrap up that document and send it to the printer or e-mail it to another user, review your
document for these potential problems:
Lack of spacing between paragraphs: Applying bold and italic character
formatting to create “headings” often doesn’t break up the text enough. Use
paragraph styles or insert spacing above and below heading paragraphs to give your
reader’s eyes a break. Adding a border below every heading also helps.
Lack of spacing between lines: Make sure you understand the intended purpose of
a document, and set line spacing accordingly. If your instructor or boss wants you
to double-space the text in your report, make sure that you’ve done so.
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