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Chapter 7: Using Styles to Create a Great Looking Document
The Styles group on the Home tab of the Ribbon contains the primary set of commands
and choices for applying and working with styles. On its face are three controls, shown in
Figure 7.2: the Style gallery, the More button for expanding the gallery, and the Styles pane
launcher. Note that in the gallery, a highlight appears around the name of the style applied
to the paragraph holding the insertion point.
The Styles group is the command and control center for styles.
Style gallery, with
highlight around
style applied to
current paragraph
More button
Click to open
Styles pane
The number of styles that initially appear in the gallery depends on your screen
resolution. As Figure 7.2 illustrates, at a very low screen resolution, the Style gallery might only
display a handful of styles. To see all the available styles, click the More button to open
the full gallery, as shown in Figure 7.3. If there are still more styles in the gallery, you can
access them using the vertical scroll bar or by dragging the lower-right corner control to
expand or shrink the size of the gallery.
Click the More button to open the Style gallery and see all the available styles.
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