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Applying styles from the Style gallery
Word 2007 and 2010 sometimes called text formatting styles “Quick Styles” and the Style gallery the “Quick Styles
gallery.” This confusing terminology appears to have been eliminated when it comes to text formatting, but you
might notice the term “Quick Style” applied to the galleries for formatting other types of objects, such as WordArt or
Notice also the Colors and Fonts controls. These tools work with themes, which aren’t the
same thing as styles. You can change the theme applied to the document to dramatically
update its appearance. Unlike styles, however, themes are tied to the use of theme
elements such as theme colors and effects applied to objects in your document. One way to
think about themes is as design elements that affect the aesthetic appearance of a
document. Styles, on the other hand, are geared more to the formatting of text and paragraphs.
In a moment you’fill learn how to use the gallery and other mouse-oriented methods for
applying styles. Word includes built-in shortcut keys for applying the most commonly used
styles. Using only the keyboard shortcuts listed in Table 7.1, you can accomplish a signifi -
cant amount of style formatting in a typical report or similar document. Move the insertion
point into the paragraph to format, and press the keyboard shortcut for the desired style.
TABLE 7.1 Keyboard Shortcuts for Applying Built-In Styles
Press this keyboard khortcut
To apply this style
Heading 1
Heading 2
Heading 3
Applying styles from the Style gallery
When you fi rst start typing in any new Word document, Word automatically applies the
default Normal style to the text. As you create different types of content in the document,
you should consider applying an appropriate style. For example, if you type a heading,
consider applying a heading style to it, such as Heading 1, 2, or 3. The Normal.dotm template
also includes built-in styles for the titles, subtitles, quotes, sidebars, emphasizing text, and
more. To apply a style:
1. Click in the paragraph to format, or select the text to format. Whether you need
to select the text depends on whether the style is a paragraph style, character style,
or linked style. This is explained further in Step 3. (The section called “Formatting
Characters Directly or with Styles” in Chapter 5 explained what paragraph,
character, and linked styles are and the differences in how they work.)
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