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Applying styles from the Style gallery
2. If needed, click the More button to open the Style gallery.
3. Move the mouse button over a style to display a Live Preview of how the
selected text would look with the style applied. See Figure 7.4. If you’ve just
moved the insertion point to the paragraph rather than selecting text, Live Preview
shows the style you’ve pointed to applied to the entire paragraph when it’s a
paragraph or linked style. For a character-only style, the style preview appears for only
the word holding the insertion point. If you fi nd that you need to apply a character
style to more than just the current word, move the mouse pointer off the gallery
and click in a blank area of the document. Then select the text and start over.
Point to a style in the Style gallery to see a Live Preview in the current paragraph or
Live Preview
Mouse pointer
over style
4. Click the style in the gallery to apply it and close the gallery.
Normal.dotm contains many different styles, and one of them happens to be named Normal. In fact, every Word
template contains a style named Normal, so the actual formatting of this style will vary depending on whether you
used an alternate template to create the document. You can think of the Normal style as the base or body style,
which are other traditional terms for the body text in a document.
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