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Applying styles using the Styles pane
Applying styles using the Styles pane
Word 2013 continues to offer the Styles pane (or task pane), which you can use to view
even more styles than appear in the Style gallery, and which offers additional commands
for working with styles. You can either click the dialog box launcher in the lower-right
corner of the Styles group of the Home tab or press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S to open the Styles
pane, shown in Figure 7.5. The pane by default lists only Recommended styles, and the
style applied to the text holding the insertion point has a rectangular selection box around
it (the Intense Quote style in Figure 7.5). See the “Recommended styles” section later in the
chapter to learn more about what they are and how to work with them.
Click the Styles group dialog box launcher or press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S to open the Styles pane.
Styles button
New Style button
Style Inspector button
The basic method for applying a style from the Styles pane is similar to that for the Style
1. Click in the paragraph to format, or select the text to format. Whether you need
to select the text depends on whether the style is a paragraph, linked, or character
2. Click the style in the Style pane to apply it and close the gallery.
This method doesn’t enable you to get a Live Preview of the style before you apply it, but
you can get information about a style prior to applying it in the Styles pane. You can do
either of the following:
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