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Applying styles using the Styles pane
Move the mouse pointer over the style to display a ScreenTip with information
about the style’s Font formatting settings, Paragraph formatting settings, and
Style-related settings.
Click the Show Preview check box below the list of styles in the pane. As shown
in Figure 7.6, the styles listed in the pane preview their formatting settings. Also
notice that this may make the basic list of styles too long to display in the pane,
depending on your system’s screen resolution. When that’s the case and you move
the mouse pointer over the list of styles, a scroll bar appears, and you can use it to
scroll to the style choices you want.
Check Show Preview to see how each style looks in the Styles pane.
Select some text holding a particular style in the document, and then move the mouse
pointer over that style in the Styles pane, and a drop-down list arrow appears to the right
of it. Click the arrow to open a menu of commands for working with the style, as shown in
Figure 7.7. (You also can right-click the style in the Style gallery of the Styles group of the
Home tab to see the same menu.) The commands available on the menu vary depending on
the type of style and whether you’ve selected any text in the document. The two most
useful ones for working with the style formatting are:
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