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Applying styles using the Styles pane
Select All/Select All # Instance(s): Click Select All to select all instances of the
style in the document if it’s the fi rst time you’re selecting the style during the
current work session; after that the command changes to Select All # Instance(s).
You can then reopen the drop-down list to see the number of locations in the
document where you’ve applied the selected style. You can then select another style to
apply to all the selected areas of text, quickly changing from one style to another
throughout the document. If you’ve previously selected and then deselected all
instances of the style, you can reopen the menu and choose Select All # Instance(s)
to reselect them.
Remove All/Clear Formatting of # Instance(s): Click this option to clean up a
document’s extraneous formatting. If you have not selected instances of the style
in the current Word work session, the command that appears is Remove All. That
command changes to Clear Formatting of # instances after you’ve selected all the
instances of the style using one of the options noted in the prior bullet. Remove
All/Clear Formatting of # Instance(s) does not delete the text in question. Instead,
it removes the style wherever it is used, and resets the formatting of those
occurrences to the default style for the current document, usually Normal.
Open the style’s menu to access helpful commands.
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