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Reapplying or resetting a style
In Figure 7.7, shown earlier, the drop-down menu for the Heading 1 style has its Delete option grayed out (dimmed).
You cannot delete a built-in style. You can hide it using the Remove from Style Gallery choice, but you can’t delete it
from the template.
Applying Styles with the Apply Styles Pane
You can also display the Apply Styles pane (shown here) by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S. It has some of the
same tools as the Styles pane. You can select a style to apply from its scrollable Style Name drop-down
list, or use its Reapply and Modify buttons to work with style settings. It’s just a matter of preference
whether you want to use the Styles pane or the Apply Styles pane.
To close any task pane when you’ve i nished using it, click its Close (X) button.
Reapplying or resetting a style
After you apply a style, you can apply direct formatting such as bold, italic, paragraph
spacing changes, and so on. If you later decide to remove the added formatting, you don’t
have to backtrack setting by setting. Instead, you can reapply the style or reset the text to
the style to remove the extra formatting settings all at once. Use any of these three
methods to get the job done after selecting the text to reset:
Click the style again in the Styles pane.
Click Reapply in the Apply Styles pane.
Press Ctrl+Spacebar.
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