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Clearing all styles from selected text
A Disable Linked Styles check box appears at the bottom of the Styles pane. When you check this feature, linked
styles can only behave like paragraph styles. This means that you can’t apply a linked style’s formatting to a
selection within a paragraph; you can only apply it to an entire paragraph.
Clearing all styles from selected text
You can clear all style formatting from selected text, which returns the text to the default
Normal style. As for some of the other aspects of dealing with styles, Word 2013 provides
many ways to handle this task in addition to using the Clear Formatting of # Instance(s)
command in the Styles pane as described earlier:
Click the Style gallery More button, and then click Clear Formatting at the bottom.
(Refer to Figure 7.4.)
In the Styles pane, click the Clear All choice at the top.
On the Home tab of the Ribbon, click the Clear Formatting button in the
upperright corner of the Font group.
Modifying and Creating Styles
Despite the variety of styles available in most document templates, you may not fi nd the
exact style to give your document the appearance you want. The font or point size might
be wrong, or the spacing might be off. No problem. Change it. Or, if you still need the
existing style but want a slightly different version for another purpose, create a new style.
When experimenting with styles, make a copy of the document and/or template in question, and work with the copy.
That way, you can fall back to the previous copy of the document if you either change your mind or make a colossal
formatting mistake.
Modifying an existing style
When you’ve already applied a style throughout a document, you might want to modify
that existing style to adjust the look of the already formatted text rather than applying a
different style. You might need to make only a slight change to the style, such as adjusting
its font size or spacing. To change an existing style:
1. Right-click the style in the Style gallery or open the style’s menu in the Styles
pane, and click Modify; you also can select the style and click the Modify
button in the Apply Styles pane. Any of the methods opens the Modify Style
dialog box shown in Figure 7.8.
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