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Creating a style from scratch
Set up a completely new style in this dialog box.
3. Type a name for the style in the Name text box.
4. Make further adjustments to the style settings as needed. For example, use the
Style type drop-down list to indicate whether the style is a Paragraph, Character,
Linked (paragraph and character), or another type of style. If you leave Paragraph
selected as the style, use the Style for following paragraph drop-down to choose
which style Word automatically applies to any new paragraph you create by pressing
Enter. For a heading style, you would want this to be a Normal or body text style in
many cases. Also apply any additional formatting changes as needed.
5. Leave Add to the Styles gallery checked to provide access to the style via that
control on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
6. Click OK to fi nish creating the style.
You can also use the Modify Style dialog box to create a new style. Just change the entry
in the Name text box in addition to making any formatting changes, and when you click OK
Word creates the new style.
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