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Changing the Whole Document via Style Sets
Changing the Whole Document via Style Sets
Word 2013 offers an improved version of the Quick Style Sets feature offered in prior Word
versions. You can fi nd them, now called Style Sets, in a gallery on the Design tab, in the
Document Formatting group. Applying a different Style Set updates all the style formatting
throughout the document to use different paragraph and character style formatting.
I emphasize style formatting because if paragraphs have direct formatting applied,
applying a Style Set does not override that formatting. For example, if you manually change the
alignment of a series of paragraphs from left aligned to centered, any alignment formatting
in a Style Set you apply will be ignored.
The impact of applying a particular Style Set—indeed, seeing any effect at all—depends on
your having used styles in your document. If you simply left all the text formatted with the
Normal style, then, at most, applying a new Style Set will change the font. For maximum
benefi t from Word’s style features, you need to lay the proper foundation, which means
using styles to differentiate different kinds of text (headings, body, captions, and so on).
Applying a Style Set
When you apply a new Style Set, Word replaces the style defi nitions in the current
document with those contained in the Style Set’s . dotx fi le. (More about this shortly.) It
effectively overlays a new document template over what you’re already using (even though the
name of the underlying document template does not change), updating all text that uses
any corresponding styles found in the Style Set. To apply a new Style Set to the document:
1. Click the Design tab on the Ribbon.
2. If needed, click the More button to open the Style Set gallery in the Document
Formatting group.
3. Move the mouse button over a Style Set to display a Live Preview of how the
selected text would look with the style applied. See Figure 7.11.
4. When you fi nd the Style Set you want to use, click it to apply it to the document.
Creating and deleting Style Sets
You create your own Style Sets to give yourself even more power and fl exibility to format
your documents with just the styles you want. Word stores each Style Set in a . dotx (not
macro-enabled) template. When you create a Style Set, Word automatically suggests saving
it in the C:\Users\ user name \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\QuickStyles folder.
Leave this folder selected so that your custom Style Set will be automatically included in
the Style Set gallery. Follow this process to create and save a Style Set:
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