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Removing a style from the gallery
Choose how many styles Word lists in the Styles pane.
Removing a style from the gallery
Depending on how avidly you create and use your own styles, your Style gallery could
rapidly fi fill with styles, making it more cumbersome to use than it otherwise would be. You
might want to trim the styles that appear in the gallery for certain documents, so you can
more readily work with the styles you prefer. Removing a style from the Style gallery does
not remove the style from the document; it only removes it from the gallery listing.
Use the Styles pane to control a style’s inclusion in the Style gallery. Click the style’s
dropdown arrow, and then click Remove from Style Gallery to remove it. To reinstate the style
in the gallery, display its menu again, and then click Add to Style Gallery.
You also can remove a style from the Style gallery by right-clicking the style and clicking
Remove from Gallery.
Recommended styles
Word includes a Manage Styles dialog box that enables you to perform advanced style
management operations. Though there’s not room to cover all the options exhaustively, you can
get familiar with some key options here. To open the dialog box, click the Manage Styles
button at the bottom of the Styles pane.
The Recommend tab, shown in Figure 7.16, controls which styles show up on the list of
recommended styles. A recommended style shows up in each of the style-related task panes
and the Style gallery. Click a style in the list at the top, and then click the desired button
under Set whether style shows when viewing recommended styles. Clicking Show ensures
the style will be displayed, or you can select Hide until used or Hide. It’s a great way to
focus the options when you want to exercise strong control over document formatting.
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