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Restricted styles
Use the Recommend tab to control what styles show up when you restrict style controls to
displaying recommended styles.
In the list of styles at the top of the dialog box, you can apply your changes one at a time
or by using standard Windows selection techniques to select multiple styles. Note the
Select All and Select Built-in buttons, too, which enable you to quickly distinguish between
Word’s standard styles and user-created styles.
Use the Move Up/Move Down/Make Last/Assign Value tools to determine the recommended
order. You can even alphabetize them, if that makes more sense to you. Click OK to apply
your changes when fi nished.
Restricted styles
For even stronger style enforcement, the Restrict tab of the Manage Styles dialog box
enables you to limit which styles can be used. This is a good tool for designing templates
and forms in which you want extremely tight control over the content formatting. It’s also
useful in setting up training classes for Word, when you might want to tame the options a
bit to avoid overwhelming the novice user.
Additionally, if you want to enforce the use of only styles—and not direct formatting—the
restricted styles capability provides a way to do it. Check Limit formatting to permitted
styles, shown near the bottom of Figure 7.17, to accomplish this feat.
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