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Restricted styles
The Restrict tab enables you to make direct formatting off-limits.
By restricting formatting only to styles, you effectively prevent the use of direct
formatting tools. As shown in Figure 7.18, when formatting is restricted to Normal and Heading
1 through Heading 5, most of the Ribbon Font and Paragraph controls are grayed out
(dimmed) as unavailable.
Limiting formatting to the use of styles turns off many of the direct formatting tools on the
Home tab of the Ribbon.
To control the availability of a particular style, click it in the list on the Restrict tab, and
then click either Permit or Restrict under Set availability of selected styles. Note that not
only can you limit formatting only to permitted styles; you can also enable Block Theme or
Scheme switching. If you want to tame “artistic” tendencies of users whose mission
statement apparently includes using up all the colored ink or toner in the company printer, this
provides an avenue of attack.
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