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Deleting a style
When you fi nish making your choices, click OK. A Start Enforcing Protection dialog box
prompts you to enter and confi rm a password. Do so, and then click OK.
Deleting a style
You can delete a style from the Styles pane. As mentioned earlier, Word won’t let you delete
certain built-in styles such as Normal. However, you can delete any custom style you create
if you decide not to use it. Point to the style in the pane, click its down arrow, and then
click Delete Style Name . At the confi rmation prompt, click Yes.
Style Inspector
The Style Inspector enables you to quickly determine whether the formatting for selected
text consists of a style alone, or a style and direct formatting. In Figure 7.19, notice that
under the Paragraph formatting and Text level formatting (character), the fi rst box
identifi es the applied style, and the second box has the word Plus:. The text to the right of the
Plus: identifi es any potential direct formatting applied over the style.
The Style Inspector can help you diagnose where direct formatting has been applied to
styled text.
To use the Style Inspector, select the text to diagnose, and then click the Style Inspector
button at the bottom of the Styles pane.
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