Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 8: Controlling Document Appearance with Sections and More
Controlling Document
Appearance with Sections
and More
Adjusting basic page setup
Working with section breaks and section formatting
Understanding the header/footer layer
Navigating and designing headers and footers
Including page numbers
Creating and changing columns
Applying page borders
Working with themes
This chapter examines some concepts that might be a bit challenging if you’re new to Word,
perhaps even if you’re not new to Word. Grasping these concepts, however, enables you to
organize and vary the overall setup in your documents as needed.
The chapter starts out by identifying how to use basic Page Setup choices. From there, you
learn how to use section breaks to change the page setup as needed for different parts of the
document. Next you learn how to add a header or footer to identify document or section contents
and number pages. Finally, the chapter shows you how to use columns to make text more readable
in common publications such as newsletters, how to add a page border, and how to work with
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