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Changing Basic Page Setup
Changing Basic Page Setup
The Page Setup group on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon offers the key settings you might
need to change when determining the overall layout of a document. In a basic document
without section breaks, most of the Page Setup group choices apply to the entire document.
Once you start adding section breaks, as described later in the chapter, you can adjust the
Page Setup choices within each individual section as needed.
Using the Page Setup dialog box
Unlike some other features in Word 2013 where traditional dialog boxes have been replaced
with panes, Word still offers a Page Setup dialog box that you can use to fi ne-tune page
formatting for the overall document (or current section, if applicable). To open the Page
Setup dialog box, click the Page Layout tab, and then click the Page Setup group dialog box
launcher. Figure 8.1 shows the Page Setup group choices and the Page Setup dialog box.
Work on the various tabs of the dialog box as described throughout this chapter, and then
click OK to apply your changes and close the dialog box.
The Page Setup group of the Page Layout tab enables you to make key document design
choices and to open the Page Setup dialog box.
Click to open Page
Setup dialog box
Or double-click
in this area
to open
Page Setup
Setup choices
Double-click to
open Page
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