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If the Page Layout tab isn’t showing, you can also open the Page Setup dialog box by double-clicking the vertical
ruler, if it’s displayed, or even by double-clicking outside the left and right margins on the horizontal ruler.
Click Margins in the Page Setup group of the Page Layout tab to display the gallery of
choices shown in Figure 8.2. You can apply one of the available preset margin settings by
clicking it. If the document contains multiple sections, the presets will be applied only
to the current document section if nothing is selected, or only to the selected sections if
multiple sections are included in the selection.
The Margins gallery offers a selection of preset margins.
If you want more precise control, choose click Custom Margins, which opens the Page
Setup dialog box to the Margins tab, shown back in Figure 8.1. From here you can control
all margins as needed and apply the change where you want, which you’fill learn more
about later in the chapter. You can also adjust the top and bottom margins by dragging
the boundary between the shaded and unshaded areas in the vertical ruler at the left side
of the document window as shown in Figure 8.3. To increase the top margin, drag the top
border down. To increase the bottom margin, draw the bottom border up. In either case,
press the Alt key to display the margin setting as you’re dragging. You can similarly drag to
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