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Automatic section breaks
The icons next to the four section break types provide a graphic hint of what the different
breaks do.
Choosing a section
break type
Section break
3. Click the desired section break. Word adds the section break into the document,
and adds one or more new pages as needed depending on the type of break. If
nonprinting characters are displayed, you will also see the section break mark in
the document.
To delete a section break, press Ctrl+Shift+8 (Ctrl+*) or click the Show/Hide button in
the Paragraph group of the Home tab of the Ribbon to toggle the display of nonprinting
formatting characters, such as the section break mark shown in Figure 8.7. Click just to
the left of the section break you want to delete to position the insertion point there, press
Shift+Right Arrow to select the mark, and then press Delete. If this results in an extra
empty paragraph, delete it.
Automatic section breaks
Because some kinds of formatting require a section break in order to vary within a document,
Word automatically inserts one or more section breaks when you apply “qualifying” formatting
to selected text. Sometimes it gets those breaks right, sometimes not. You’fill have to be
vigilant if you’re going to rely on this feature.
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