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Styles, section formatting, and paragraph formatting
3. Press Enter twice or more, and insert another section break of the desired
type. You don’t have to insert text between the section breaks because section
formatting resides in the section break mark, but you can add text if you want.
4. Format the area between the section breaks as needed. (More on section
formatting is to come later in the chapter.)
5. Select both section breaks and whatever you’ve placed between them.
6. Choose Insert
Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. The
Create New Building Block dialog box shown in Figure 8.8 appears.
Quick Parts
7. Enter the name and other pertinent information about the new building block.
If you’fill need this item frequently, save it to the Quick Parts gallery by choosing
Quick Parts from the Gallery drop-down list. Or, if you choose AutoText as the
Gallery drop-down list choice as shown in Figure 8.8, you’fill be able to insert it
by typing the beginning of the name and pressing F3 or pressing Enter after the
ScreenTip appears to insert it; I’ve left the space out between 3 and Columns in
the Name text box because that will make the AutoText entry more distinct and
easier to use. You can use the Category drop-down list to assign another category if
desired, and use the Save in choice to save the Quick Part in the current fi le rather
than the default Normal template.
Save a Building Block to create reusable section “styles.”
If you want to create a custom category for the section building block, open the Category drop-down list and click
Create New Category. In the Create New Category dialog box, type a category name in the Name text box, and click
OK to return to the Create New Building Block dialog box.
8. Click OK to fi nish creating the building block.
Now, whenever you want this particular kind of formatting, it’s there waiting for you.
Choose Insert Text Quick Parts, and if it’s in the Quick Parts gallery, click it to insert
it. If it’s in AutoText, point to AutoText and click it. Or, if it’s elsewhere, choose Building
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