Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Page layout within a section
Center a page vertically to balance the white space at the top and bottom of the page.
For some newsletters and other page-oriented publications, setting the alignment to
Justifi ed serves a couple of purposes. Not only does it make the most use of the whole sheet
of paper, but it also adjusts line spacing to do it. Hence the appearance is smoother than it
might be otherwise. This setting also lets you optimize the point size if you want to make
the font as large as possible without spilling onto another page.
Numbering lines in legal or academic documents
Line numbering, which is different from numbered lists, often is used in legal documents,
such as affi davits. The numbering allows for ready reference to testimony by page and line
number. Line numbering itself, however, is not a paragraph-formatting attribute. It is a
section-formatting attribute. Turn line numbering on with the Line Numbers tool in the
Page Setup group of the Page Layout tab, or click Line Numbers in the Layout tab of the
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