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Headers and Footers Overview
Suppress line numbers on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis.
Headers and Footers Overview
Seemingly, headers and footers are the areas in the top and bottom margins of each page,
but that’s not the whole story. In Word, headers and footers are distinct layers in your
document, usually behind the text area. They usually appear at the top or bottom of the
page, respectively, but that’s just a convention. Once you’re in Word’s header or footer layer,
you can place text and graphics anywhere on the page. (See “Adding side margin material”
later in this chapter for more information.)
This means that in addition to titles, page numbers, dates, and other essential bits of
information, headers and footers can contain things such as watermarks, logos, or side margin
A second area of misunderstanding concerns how headers and footers are inserted into your
Word documents. They aren’t inserted — they’ve been there right from the start. When
you “insert” or “create” a header, you’re really doing neither. Instead, you’re merely adding
content to a previously empty or unused area.
The Header and Footer layer
When you’re working in Print Layout view, any text in the header and footer layer usually
shows up as grayish text at the top, bottom, or side of your document. To access those
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