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Header and Footer Navigation and Design
Section formatting enables you to use different kinds of numbering for different sections.
It also allows different header and footer text in different sections. For example, the header
or footer might include the name of each chapter, or the word Index or Glossary .
Header and Footer Navigation and Design
Word provides a number of tools that enable you to control the way headers and footers are
displayed and formatted. In this section you’fill learn what those are and where to fi nd them
in Word 2013.
Inserting a header or footer from the gallery
You also can use the Header and Footer buttons in the Header & Footer group of the Insert
tab to create and edit headers and footers. Click either button to display a gallery of
predefi ned headers or footers (Figure 8.14). Scroll down until you see the one you prefer,
and then click it to insert it into the document.
Choose a predefi ned header or footer from the gallery.
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