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Editing in the header and footer areas
Editing in the header and footer areas
When the header or footer area is active, the main set of editing controls appears in the
Header & Footer Tools Design tab, shown in Figure 8.15. To display the Design tab,
doubleclick the header or footer area in a document. Or, in the Insert tab Header & Footer group,
choose Header Edit Header (or Footer Edit Footer). Once the header/footer layer is open
for editing, either the header or the footer can be edited, as can items inserted into the
side area (for example, page numbers in the side margins) as well as watermarks.
The Header & Footer Tools
Design tab provides complete control over headers and
Notice the Go to Header and Go to Footer commands in the Navigation group of the
tab. You can use those commands to quickly switch back and forth between the header
and footer areas, but, as suggested by Figure 8.13, both areas are equally accessible. You
do not need to click Go to Header or Go to Footer — you can simply click where you want
to edit.
While header and footer material can reside in the side margins, you cannot open the header or footer area for
editing by double-clicking in the side margins. The double-click method for opening headers and footers works only
in the top and bottom margin areas.
Using header and footer styles
If you are creating a header or footer from scratch rather than inserting one from the
gallery, Word’s headers and footers use built-in paragraph styles named Header and Footer.
Each is formatted with a center tab and a right-aligned tab to facilitate placement of text
and other items. This enables you to have three distinct components, one each at the
left, center, and right within the header or footer, without having to resort to using a
table, text box, or other device (although tables and text boxes are perfectly acceptable in
headers and footers).
For example, to create a header with a left-adjusted document name, a centered date, and
a right-adjusted author’s name, you would enter the document name, press Tab, enter the
date, press Tab, and fi nally type the author’s name, as shown in Figure 8.16.
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