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Different Odd & Even Pages
Unlike with the Link to Previous option, Different First Page cannot be different for header
and footer. You cannot suppress just one. To accomplish that you would need distinct
document sections (separated by a section break).
Different Odd & Even Pages
You can, without using section breaks, instruct Word to maintain different headers and
footers on odd and even pages. This feature is often used in book/booklet printing, where
the header/footer always appears closest to the outside edge of the paper — on the left
for left-hand pages, and on the right for right-hand pages. To control whether this feature
is enabled, click the Different Odd & Even Pages check box, also in the Options group of
the Design tab. Like the Different First Page option, this option applies to both headers
and footers in the section, not individually for each header and footer. As Figure 8.17
illustrates, you can set up the headers or footers to mirror one another, such as placing the
page numbers to mirror one another on the outside corners of the page.
Use Different Odd & Even pages to set up mirrored headers or footers for booklet or bound
document printing.
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