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Page numbers
Page numbers
A common use for headers and footers is to display page numbers. To include page numbers
in Word 2013, several methods are available — some new as of Word 2007, and some
“legacy.” This section focuses mostly on the new ways because they provide extraordinary
ease, fl exibility, and variety not found in pre-Ribbon Word. When the legacy ways are best,
however, you’fill learn about those.
Inserting page numbers
Inserting page numbers in Word has never been easier. First, decide where you want the page
numbers to appear (top, bottom, or side margin). Then click anywhere on the fi rst page in
the document section where you want the number to appear. As noted earlier, documents can
contain multiple sections, and each section can have independent headers and footers, which
means they also can be numbered independently.
In the Insert tab’s Header & Footer group, click Page Number to open its drop-down list,
as shown in Figure 8.18, and choose Top of Page, for example. Scroll down the choices as
needed, and click the one to insert. Word opens the header and footer layer and displays
the inserted page number. Note that you also can use the Page Number button in the
Header & Footer group of the Header & Footer Tools
Design tab to insert a number when
you’re already working with the header or footer.
Word 2013 has extensive galleries with a variety of page number formats from which to choose.
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