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Page numbers
The Page Number menu enables you to select the option that corresponds to where you
want the page number to appear:
Top of Page
Bottom of Page
Page Margins (See “Adding side margin material” a little later in this section.)
Current Position (Use this option when the insertion point is already exactly where
you want the page number to appear.)
The bottom of the page is the most common choice for word processing documents, but
there are times when the top or side works better for a particular document. Select the
desired destination. Word displays a number of preset page number options.
When you fi nd a page number gallery item that suits your fancy, click it to insert
the page number into the header or footer (according to which option you chose to get
To see additional choices for working with a preset listed on any gallery, right click the preset. For example, you can
click Edit Properties to work with more detailed settings for the specii ed page number.
Deleting page numbers
To delete page numbers, move to the document section that contains the numbering
you want to remove. In the Header & Footer group of the Insert tab, click Page
Remove Page Numbers. You also can remove page numbers via the Header &
Footer group of the Header & Footer Tools Design tab.
Remove Page Numbers removes all page numbers from headers and footers in the current
section — including those in the side margins. It does not remove page numbers from other
document sections.
Formatting page numbers
You can choose the page numbering format before or after you insert a page number. On
the Insert tab in the Header & Footer group, choose Page Number
Format Page Numbers
(or use the same command in the Header & Footer group of the Header & Footer Tools
Design tab), to display the Page Number Format dialog box, shown in Figure 8.19. Options
are explained in Table 8.1.
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