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Adding document information
Word provides fl exible page numbering options.
TABLE 8.1 Page Number Options
Number format
Specifi es numbering scheme: 1, 2, 3; A, B, C; a, b, c; I, II, III; or i, ii, iii.
Provides an additional option to bracket Arabic numbers with dashes
(to bracket others, edit the header or footer directly.)
Include chapter
Applies a chapter numbering scheme such as I-1, II-5, III-43, where I, II,
and III are chapter numbers, and chapters are formatted in a Heading 1
through Heading 9 style, with numbering included in the style defi nition.
Chapter starts with
Available only if Include chapter number is enabled. For this option to
work, chapter numbers must be formatted in a Heading 1 through
Heading 9 style, and numbering must be included in the style.
Use separator
Specifi es the separator to use between chapter and page numbers.
Continue from
previous section
Indicates whether the current section’s numbering is connected with
that of the previous section. Use this option when distinct sections are
being used for a reason other than to create distinct numbering, such
as when switching sections to accommodate changes from portrait to
landscape and back again.
Start at
Use this to specify a starting number other than 1.
Additional options that affect page numbers, such as whether headers or footers are
displayed on the fi rst page of a document or document section, are discussed earlier in this
chapter, in the section “Different First Page.”
Adding document information
Word 2013 makes it easier to add key information about the document directly into the
header or footer. In previous versions of Word, you had to use fi eld codes to insert such
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