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Adding side margin material
information as the document name, author, or title at the insertion point in the header or
footer. Now, it’s this easy:
1. Double-click the header or footer area to open it for editing.
2. Click to position the insertion point where you want to insert the document
3. Click Header & Footer Tools Design Insert Document Info.
4. Click the desired choice in the menu, shown in Figure 8.20.
Inserting document information
Adding side margin material
Textual material inserted in the side margins of a document is inserted in either the header or
footer layer. The “trick” is to use something like a non-inline text box to serve as a container
for the text. You can use an existing page number preset item that inserts text into the side
margin. Or you can insert a text box manually by double-clicking the header or footer area,
selecting Insert
Draw Text Box, and drawing a text box of the desired
shape and size in either the left or right margin. Then insert the page number or other matter
there as shown in Figure 8.21. In the document in Figure 8.21, I inserted a circle shape, and
then added text to it to make a page number bubble that spills over into the margin.
Text Box
Add side margin material by editing the header or footer.
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