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Adding and Removing Page Borders
You also can force Word to balance the columns (make them approximately the same height)
by inserting a Continuous section break at the end of the last column. When you do that,
Word tries to optimize document space to accommodate what comes next, even if nothing
comes next. In some cases the columns won’t balance perfectly. That’s because of other
constraints, such as widows and orphans. Nonetheless, symmetrically speaking, it’s usually
an improvement.
Adding and Removing Page Borders
A page border is a line, a set of lines, or decorative artwork that appears around the
perimeter of the page. You see them a lot on title pages as well as on fl yers and brochures.
Borders can be formal, discretely colored lines of various weights, or colorful graphics, as in
the border for the fl yer in Figure 8.28.
For page borders, you can insert a variety of lines or choose from dozens of built-in art
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