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Understanding and applying themes
associate or assign a theme with a particular style. Themes are applied to the entire
document, wholly apart from styles, and affect many different aspects of document
To apply a theme:
1. Click the Design tab, and in the Document Formatting group, click Themes.
2. Move the mouse pointer over the various themes — Facet, Integral, Ion, Ion
Boardroom, Organic, and so on — to see a Live Preview of the theme on the
3. When you see the theme you want, click it to apply it.
A template provides the base level of formatting through styles, page setup, and so on.
The theme applies the next level of formatting on top of the template. The theme includes
theme colors, theme fonts, and theme effects, each of which you’fill learn more about later
in this section.
The best way to understand themes and what they bring to the document design table is to
use them on documents designed with themes specifi cally in mind. Follow these steps as a
practice example to see how a theme impacts a document:
1. Press Ctrl+N to create a new blank document.
2. Type Heading 1 , and apply the Heading 1 style from the Styles gallery of the
Home tab.
3. Type Heading 2 , and apply the Heading 2 style from the Styles gallery of the
Home tab.
4. Click the Insert tab, click Shapes in the Illustrations group, click Oval under
Recently Used Shapes at the top of the gallery, and then click in the document
to insert a circle in the default size.
5. With the circle still selected, click Shape Effects in the Shape Styles group of
the Drawing Tools
Format tab, point to Preset, and click Preset 5 (second row,
fi rst column).
6. Click a blank area of the document.
7. Click the Themes button in the Document Formatting group of the Design tab
(refer to Figure 8.31), and note the names of the themes — Facet, Integral,
Ion, Ion Boardroom, Organic, and so on.
8. Click Integral. Note the changes in the example document. The text formatted
with heading styles changes color and font, and the circle color change as well.
Figure 8.32 shows the example document with the new theme applied.
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