Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Understanding and applying themes
The Integral theme applies new heading fonts and more in the quickie practice document.
9. Close the document without saving changes, or if you want to save it for future
practice feel free to do so.
Word templates are stored in . dotx and . dotm i les, and contain styles, macros, QAT settings, and keyboard
customization settings. Templates are essentially documents, so they can contain text, graphics, and formatting
as well. Themes, on the other hand, transcend the boundaries of traditional Word structures. They instead owe
their existence to . thmx i les stored in the C:\Program Files(x86)\MicrosoftOffice\Document
Themes 15 folder (32-bit version) or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Document Themes 15
folder (64-bit version). Themes work by adding additional information to the current document, with much the
same kinds of results as style sets, as discussed in Chapter 7. While the method for themes is different, using
XML structures, the result is that the colors, fonts, and effects are added to the current document’s formatting.
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