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Theme elements or components
Theme elements or components
Themes consist of three elements:
Theme colors
Theme fonts
Theme effects
By modifying theme elements, you can apply a new overall look for the document. By creating
a new combination of any of these three elements, you effectively create a new theme that
you can save. Here’s more about each of these three settings for an applied theme.
Theme colors
While each of the named themes that come with Word has a preassigned set of theme
colors, there’s no reason you have to stick with that set of colors. If you want the Organic
theme but prefer the Slipstream theme colors set rather than the default colors, you can
change the theme colors.
To change color sets, in the Design tab, click the Colors button in the Document Formatting
group to display the gallery shown in Figure 8.33. Drag the mouse over the various color
sets to see a Live Preview, and then click a color set when you see the colors you want.
After applying a theme, you can apply a different set of theme colors.
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