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Style sets and paragraph spacing
Theme effects
Theme effects are a bit harder to grasp than other theme elements, mostly because they’re
used a good deal less often by the average user. In the Design tab, click the Effects button
in the Document Formatting group to display the gallery of options shown in Figure 8.37. If
you study the different theme effects, you will see sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-
subtle differences among the elements shown. For example, the Offi ce set looks soft-edged
and perhaps a little blurred with shadows at the edges. Grunge has mottled fi fills applied.
(It’s unlikely you can see this in the picture in the book, so look on-screen.)
Apply theme effects to SmartArt, WordArt, Charts, and Shapes.
The easiest way to see theme effects in action is to create an example shape or graphic and
use Live Preview to see the various effects.
You have seen how to save custom theme colors and theme fonts. The Word 2013 interface
does not provide a built-in, direct way for you to save custom theme effects. You can
indirectly save them, however, by saving the whole theme, as shown shortly.
Style sets and paragraph spacing
The Document Formatting group of the Design tab includes a couple of additional settings
along with all the theme settings. Chapter 7 discussed Style Sets, which enable you to
change the style fonts used throughout the document. Although they are not technically a
component of the applied theme, the fonts in the available style sets do change when you
apply a different theme to the document. Change style sets using the Style Sets gallery in
the Document Formatting group of the Design tab.
That group also includes a Paragraph Spacing gallery, shown in Figure 8.38. Choose one of
the presets from the gallery to apply the combination of line and paragraph spacing that
looks appropriate in the current document. For example, you may want to use the Relaxed
preset to space out the paragraphs and lines in a fl yer document to fi fill the page better.
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