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Chapter 9: Adding Tables and Graphics to a Document
Adding Tables and Graphics
to a Document
Creating tables
Using table styles and applying other table formatting and design settings
Handling tables, rows, columns, and cells
Adding shapes
Including and formatting pictures in your document
Creating WordArt
Adding and formatting SmartArt
Arranging graphics
Using the Selection Pane to work with object visibility
Tables and SmartArt enable you to illustrate data and processes in documents. They’re
extremely fl exible and easy to create and manipulate. You can further illustrate a document
with shapes, WordArt, and pictures, including thousands of royalty-free images offered online
at Offi Thanks to numerous galleries, it’s easy to create professional graphics of all sorts
quickly and with minimal effort. Live Preview also comes into play when you work with table and
graphic formatting. This chapter teaches you about these features in Word.
Getting a Quick Start with Quick Tables
The quickest way to create a table in Word is to use one that already exists. It might not be exactly
what you want, but it often will be closer to what you want and save you a lot of formatting and
setup versus creating a table from scratch. It helps if you can see a picture, of course, and Word
2013 includes a Quick Tables gallery from which you can select a predefi ned table to insert in the
current document. After you click to position the insertion point at the location where you want
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