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Table Basics
to insert the table, click the Insert tab. Click the Table button in the Tables group of the
Insert tab, and then point to Quick Tables. The gallery shown in Figure 9.1 appears.
The Quick Tables Gallery offers a number of preformatted tables.
Scroll through the gallery to see if there’s a table design you like — something that
compares favorably with the table you envision. If there is, click on it. If it has too many rows,
you can delete the ones you don’t need. If it has too few columns, you can add a few more.
If the proportions and other attributes aren’t quite right, you can use Word’s table tools to
make them right. The point is that you hit the ground running.
Table Basics
One way to think about a table is as a container for information. The container consists of
horizontal rows and vertical columns. If someone speaks of a fi ve-by-four (5
4) table, by
convention and agreement this refers to a table that’s fi ve columns high and four
rows wide.
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